Special Guests

Eastern Exotics


 We are please to announce that Eastern Exotics wildlife foundation will  be returning this year!  In addition to bring lots of new friends they  will also be doing a panel discussion on Wildlife and Exotics, from  owning exotic animals to the laws and concerns of exotic wildlife. There  will also be time for guest to interact with some of the animals! 

Rocky Melvin


 We are so excited to have Rocky Melvin back for the 2019 show! He is one  of our guest cosplayers and many of you will remember him from previous  shows as Optimus Prime. Not only do Rocky's costumes look amazing but  they are handmade by him!  He will also be doing a panel at the show  about building/making your own costumes! 

Louis Small Jr.


Louis Small Jr. is the original "Vampirella" artist for the series published by Harris from 1992. He has also illustrated comic books like Supergirl, Batman, Avengers, Spider-man, Ka-Zar. He has also done work for Defiant Comics, and DC's Vertigo line of Comics, and worked on trading card Series for DC and Marvel, as well as trading cards for Breygent Marketing, and 5finity Productions. Louis teaches classes on drawing and coloring illustrations for comics at the arts council in Wilson, N.C. and New York City. He is currently working on illustrations for two children's books soon to be published by local Wilson NC authors.

The Camp Killer


 We are thrilled to announce featured guest cosplayer THE CAMP KILLER will be at our show, and don't forget to bring your camera.
His bio...
Cosplaying as an 80's movie killer for over 10 years, The Camp Killer  likes Halloween but thinks Friday the 13th is to "DIE" for. At 6'7" this  guy us a "CUT" above the rest. This cosplayer is true to character and  never speaks but will convey his message just fine with his "MACHETE " 

Brandon Hardison


 We are pleased to have Brandon Hardison at the Greenville NC Comic Con.   Brandon is a Eastern North Carolina resident as has worked on different  movies and shows.  Brandon and his wife Christina got married on the  reality show "Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta".  Brandons first series he  worked on was the show "Under the Dome" where he played an Insurgent.   Brandon's favorite role he has played is on the hit TV Series "The  Walking Dead" which he was one of Negan's Saviors during Season 7 and 8. In Season 9 Brandon was taken in by the Hilltop where  he gained their trust and become a reoccurring member and Guard. Also in  Season 9 Brandon has played one of the most hated characters of The  Walking Dead....A Whisperer.  Over the past years he has also worked in  most episodes either as a Savior,Hilltop Member/Guard, Whisperer or  playing a Walker on the show. Also he has worked on scenes such as when  "Negan" burns Marks face with a hot iron, when Negan throws Dr. Carson  in the furnace, Episode 100 when the Walkers surround the Sanctuary,  when Negan kills Simon, a Whisperer when Alpha beheads one of her own  and more. 

Matthew Atvchley



We are thrilled to welcome Matthew Atvchley to the show! 

      Matthew Atchley is an actor and artist known for his intricately hand  drawn artwork and ever growing list of acting credits. His art subjects  span across all fandoms and forms of pop culture including characters  from popular TV, film, comics, and more. He has created artwork for  several actors from a wide variety of tv series and films. Ever diverse,  his other projects have included co-creating a short political cartoon series with Actor Sean Astin, book cover art, company logos, and more.
           Matthew’s acting credits continue to grow as he has been  cast in over 30 productions in the last 2 years. He performed on  episodes of “The Gifted”, The Originals”, “The Resident”, “Nashville”,  Ozark”, “MacGyver”, “A Sister’s Secret“, “Snapped”, “Murder Calls”,  “What Men Want”, “Homicide Hunter”, and the award nominated short film  “Special Election”, to name a few. He has many more upcoming projects  soon to premiere. His entire artwork portfolio, current appearance  schedule, acting credits and all social media links can be found at artofmatthewatchley.com
His released acting credits can be found on his IMDb page at