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Want  to win a family 4 pack of tickets to the show?  Well we've got you  covered! Listen to the morning rush 107.9 and starting tomorrow till the  day before the show they will be giving away a family 4 pack every  weekday morning!


Things to see at the 2019 Greenville NC Comic Con

The 501st


 he 501st Legion is an international fan-based organization  dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of  Imperial Stormtrooper armor, Sith Lords, Clone Troopers, bounty  hunters, and other villains from the Star Wars universe. 

The Mandalorian Mercs


 The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is a world-wide fan organization, officially recognized by  Lucasfilm Ltd., that began as the brainchild of Tom Hutchens in March  of 2007. 



 The Ecto-1 was the vehicle that the Ghostbusters used to travel throughout New York City busting ghosts and other entities. This fantastic replica will be at the con for Con-goers to admire 

Baby from Supernatural


This is an awesome replica of the  1967 Chevy Impala hardtop as seen in the television series Supernatural, complete with  various weaponry to fight the supernatural in the trunk.

Camp Killer


  Cosplaying as an 80's movie killer for over 10 years, The Camp Killer  likes Halloween but thinks Friday the 13th is to "DIE" for. At 6'7" this  guy us a "CUT" above the rest. This cosplayer is true to character and  never speaks but will convey his message just fine with his "MACHETE "  

See Ric Flair's Starrcade 83 Robe


Proudly announcing Ric Flair’s Starrcade Robe Available for Photo Ops Sat, Aug 3!!

Along with a replica NWA World Title Belt, the personal ring robe worn  to the ring for the two time WWE Hall of Famer’s historic second World  Championship win from Greensboro in 1983 will be appearing at the  Greenville NC Comic Con!  Email for details!

*Robe appearing courtesy of West Potter with Turnbuckle Heroes, purveyors of fine wresting and pop culture memorabilia.

Come get your picture with Gundam Wing


 We are so excited to have Rocky Melvin back for the 2019 show! He is one  of our guest cosplayers and many of you will remember him from previous shows as Optimus Prime. Not only do Rocky's costumes look amazing but they are handmade by him!  This year he will be in his amazing Gundam Wing cosplay and will be available for photo's. He will also be doing a panel at the show about building/making your own costumes!  

Stumpy's Hatchet House


 So you're all dressed up with nowhere to go after the show??? Well Stumpy's Hatchet House has you covered....  Greenville NC Comic Com is August 3 from 10am-5pm and we're proud to  partner up for this event! Not everyone grows up on Asgard learning  Axe-Throwing from the All-Father like Thor, but you can come learn how  to throw like a pro from our Axperts at Stumpy's. 10% Off with your  comic con wristband and 50% if you're in  Cosplay.  Best Dressed will also win a FREE 2 hour Throwing Party for  8! Come anytime that day before 11pm for 1 hour or 2 hour throwing  sessions and we'll take a bad-axe picture of you in costume. Whoever  gets the most votes that week on FB/IG will win the free party for the  perfect #socialthrowdown 

Schedule of events


We are excited to announce something completely new to the show! PANELS! 

These are a great way to learn from the pro's! Schedule.....
Greenville NC Comic Con Aug 3, 2019

10am....... Doors open! Welcome to the 3rd Greenville NC comic con! 

11:00....... Panel Come and learn to draw different heroes from all over the  Galaxy.  Great for all ages and levels of experience from beginners to  experts!  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Taught by  Shawn Durington. Duration 30 minutes

12:00........ Panel Building/making  your own costume hosted by the amazing costume builder Rocky Melvin

1:00.......... Panel... Animated 80's Adventure. Episode 1 Thundarr the  barbarian... A look back at a forgotten treasure from 1980 hosted By  McBlam Entertainment on YouTube.

2:00.......... Panel discussion on  wildlife and exotics. From owning exotic animals to the laws and  concerns of exotic wildlife. There will also be time for guest to  interact with some of the animals. 

3:00.......... Cosplay Group Photo

3:30.......... Everyone's favorite the COSTUME CONTEST! The groups will be as follows...
 kids 12yrs and under                  Teens ages 13-17                 Adults ages 18 and up!
Something new for the costume contest is we will have a STAGE yay!!

4:00........... If you missed it earlier here's your 2nd chance! Come and learn to  draw different heroes from all over the Galaxy.  Great for all ages and  levels of experience from beginners to experts!  Children under 12 must  be accompanied by an adult.  Taught by Shawn Durington. Duration 30  minutes

4:30........... Raffle drawing! All money raised from the raffle  will go to help the Exotic Wildlife Foundation!  We love this animal  rescue!

5:00........... Show closes.  See everyone in 2020! 

50/50 Drawing



 We'd like to introduce you to Maison. He is the son of one of our  vendors. He needs three organ transplants: a heart, lung and liver. At  the show we will be doing a 50-50 drawing to help raise money to help  towards expenses. Just the expense of traveling back and forth to Duke  can be overwhelming. Right now we only want his family to focus on  Maison. 


Barbarian's Hoard

 Barbarian's  Hoard Gaming Supply will be holding live D&D gaming sessions at our  table at Greenville Comic Con!  There will be two sessions, from 11am  to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.  New players are welcome as we will have  pre-generated characters that you can choose from or if you are a  experienced player and have a 5th level character, bring it with you!   Come enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie as you join with fellow  adventurers and face down all the terrors of the Nine Realms as only  true heroes can! 

Vendor List for 2019

This is a list of all the wonderful Vendors and Artists you'll find at the show

 Tokyo Toybox
Shelf Awareness
Be Kind Rewind
Victoria Bartle
2 Brothers and a Bard
BolandArt Studio
Chris "Cabbie" Bradberry
Ratbag Drama Collectibles
The Toy Exporium
United Toy Gallery
Modern Goldfish
Catalyst Comics Studio
Shawn Durington
The Quilted Fandom
Ralph Gibbs
Black Sword Comics
Jordan Greene
XRVR Esports lounge and VR arcade
Mourning Daily
The Jay Company
Hidden Heros Comics
Retrosteam Studios
Kat Jones Art
Winged Creations
Andrea Lamb
Wulveys Customs and Collectibles
Sagemoon Hollow Creations
Madelyn Janelle
Joe Lisi
Nostalgia News Stand
Amazing Collectibles
Dragon Whiskers
Jaunty Cat Graphics
Mayte Draws
Raymond and Anthony Sanders Fantasy Art Comics
Erin and Deek Rhew Tenacious Books publishing
Lead Tech service
Ryan Sheffler creator of "Jeff the Yeti"
Comics Express
A Little Nerdy
Xela Draws
13 Spoons
Vulgardragons Den
Coreys Collectibles
Bear Butt Comics
Tim Winkler (TJ)
Dancing Lemur Press LLC
Bannerwood Arts
Craft Autonomy Infinite Creations
Zen Jumps Chainmaille
Fantastical Menagerie
Crafting Ninja
Barbarians Hoard
The Camp Killer
Eastern Exotics
Rocky Melvin
Marlon Westray multimedia artist
Poke and Stick
Ed's Artworx
David Sorensen
Boot Hill Designs
Big V Roman Art and Comics
Parts Unknown Posters
The Variant
Xtreme collectibles
Greenvine glassworks 


The 2018 Greenville NC Comic Con

The 2018 Greenville NC Comic Con

video by Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation

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Adults $6.00

12 & Under $3.00

3 & Under Free

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Can't wait to see you there

The Greenville NC Comic Con will be held at the beautiful Greenville Convention Center

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Greenville Convention Center

303 Greenville Blvd SW, Greenville, NC 27834

When is it?

Saturday August 3, 2019 10:00am - 5:00pm 

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